Saturday, April 25, 2009


For pass one 2 months - my lovely Ryan 3 time fell sick. About 2 months ago he complained his ear got crecket then Daddy took him to DEMC to meet Dr Razak ENT- his mucus from runnung nose stuck in his ear drum--Dr gave his anti-boitic for 2 bottle - brand zennath.

2 weeks later he got fever and prolong about 1 week. Daddy took him to Ampang Puteri Hospital - viral fever still he has to take anti-biotic - Zennath

Last Friday - Ryan got fever - we really worried since his cousin Dafi got Mouth, Hand and Foot [MHF] deceases and we scared Ryan also infected- still he has to take anti-biotic.

Sorry to Ryan - prolong taken anti-biotic......I hope he get well soon....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Performance for completion Book 2 of JMC at Yamaha

Ryan just completed Book 2 for Junior Music Course [JMC] Yamaha. This time I 'm really proud at him since he really brave to come forward and played the instruments and performed in group for a song. Good luck my son for Book 3 at I hope you could appreciate music like your brother Zoey.

Trip to Gunung Ledang

Ryan - You Are My Lover